Staycations + Retreats

I am your Host, Guide + Guru.

A getaway for Sun and Fun in between work calls and emails. Remote Working is the future for many–ask your HR Representative or Supervisor if this is an option for you. Expatriate living or seasonal vacationing can be more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Ask HOW!

Your Turn! Get Started Today- Plan to Join US for the next Retreat.

Travel is Medicine. A Getaway helps one to reflect on their personal values, return to gratitude and discover the world beyond our own lives.

The Beebodi Retreat Experience is about embracing simplicity. The simple things in LIFE like cracking a fresh coconut that drops from a tree to drink. That’s equivalent to a grocery story run, loading a car, lifting bags to the kitchen and in your refrigerator….all for a sip.

Photographed: Negril, Jamaica Winter 2020 Retreat

Ease your mind with a journey into Nature.

Jamaica – December 2020

Pandemic Getaway Retreat with Raha| Negril, Jamaica

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