Doula + Maternal Care

Dou~la = means, “Servant Girl” | Services Birth-Companion, Guide and Post-Partum Care

Note* – there are no Rollover Options, you can however reschedule within the week as much as needed to get all of your Sessions in, per Kayla’s schedule. Thank You for Understanding!

“This was my FIRST BORN, I had so many questions….thoughts and feelings about my Pregnancy. Working with Kayla was reassuring. Her Breathing Techniques allow me to have a sense of Peace of Mind, Freedom and Grounding during Labor.”

-Beverly Hunter

Dr. D – Maria Dominguez

PdD, LMFT Therapist

Mother of 3, Wife

“Working with Kayla on my 3rd pregnancy – during COVD-19 Times, being at a distance from family/support, while also juggling work and home-schooling my two children – was a Blessing. I felt heard and uplifted throughout our Sessions. I was determined this time around not to suffer through scrutiny of a hospital birth where my wishes and needs weren’t honored heard or felt. Kayla help me to get back in touch with my body and find the strength I needed to remain Whole, during this Holistic Journey.”


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