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I learned a new phrase from a friend the other day, Jamerican (Jamaican + American). I was shocked! That’s a thing? Yes. Just like, Yankee Bermudian….that’s me.

Check Out this special story and telling about a Healthy Life w/ Food and Family from Jamerican Chef and Artist, A.Z. on our Beebodi Talk Podcast Episode:

Half Island Girl, but still an American. I’ve spent every summer on the island with my family since I was a young girl but I never did get our cuisine down. My mom was about the waffles, eggs, and bacon life, and I just never saw it for me. It wasn’t until I finally had a say-so about my food while in college that I started to invest in organic eats, a healthier regimen, and lean into my beloved Caribbean roots.

This year I took a leap of faith and seized my opportunity to really learn by hiring a chef. It’s always a plus when you make Godly-Connections and that is what Chef Tiffany was for me Godsend. She happens to be from my home church Evangel Cathedral so I am glad that I was able to be a patronized to a Black/Female Owned Business as she blessed me with the cooking skills I needed. Just the basics: cutting, dough rising, texture, flavor, spice, color, and the kind of love that goes into a single dish. Youtube can’t do that. Nothing beats an in-person experience.

Sweet + Hot Peppers

Here are a few moments, where I learned how to make Coconut Bake on White and Rye Bread with Saltfish.

Chef Tiffany at WORK
Rolling Out Dough after sitting to Rise for 30 Minutes
Green Peppers always have a Fresh Crisp taste to it. BE CAREFUL. These are HOT!!!!

Although it was quite a challenge finding the right International Grocery for the ingredients that we needed for the dish. (settled for Pollock Fish instead of Cod). We managed to make this delicious meal and enjoy it together with a touch of Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus Drink) of which I made the night before. Tiffany is from Guyana so working with her opened my eyes to just how different every island is in culture and in approach to the kitchen. Learn more about her chef services: IG @zite_catering

Buttered an Ready to Enjoy!


Roomies 101

This article was inspired by real life events.

During the course of this past year in the midst of a Global Pandemic drastic changes took place some for the better and others for the worst. I myself, relocated 3 times during the shutdown. For some people–this un-Earthing came in more grueling in the form of: Eviction, In-Home COVID-19 Outbreaks, Landlord negligence and bad Roommate Syndrome. But just like you– I’m trying to make sense of it all. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslists, Roomsters….you name it I’ve explored it. It’s got to be tough for those adults who had to move back home to be with parents and family forfeiting their independence because of Rent. In 2021– the year of reform and build, the goal is to avoid making mistakes that will cost you in the long run.

Here are few tips to keep the peace and harmony in the home when you’ve just move into to a shared living and environment:

Learn. Ask Questions. Get to know each other.

It may take more than a meet and greet to decide on the right fit. The initial conversation you have with potential roommates should include who you are and what you are looking for during the span of time you live there. , in all likelihood, begin before you even meet your roommate.  These kinds of details are the beginning of any good roommate relationship. To be able to live successfully with another human being you do need to know to who they are, what they’re like, and how they want to live with you. So from the beginning of your relationship, share what you want the person (s) you’re living to know about you –quirky, fun, strange, serious, different etc. so that they can know when the time comes.

community_of_roommates 3

Take the time to think about what you need

Moving into the new environment requires that you are able to connect internally as well as enjoy the conveniences and amenities that are there. Before putting the mic to someone else take sometime to reflect and answer the questions for yourself. No matter what the situation is, though, you’re going to need to get clear with yourself. Do you need silence and alone time when you get home from work? Are there pet peeves that you have about cleanliness or spice cabinet organization? Are you comfortable having your roommate’s partner in the house every weekend? Take some time to think about it, because building a positive relationship with your roommate will first require that you are clear with yourself about what you need.

Set clear guidelines and Expectations. Respect them.

No one likes being told what to do–school is out right? Not quite. The school of life is still here and you are in enrolled in Home Economics. Ideally, you’ll come out of this conversation with a really clear understanding of what is okay and what is not okay in your home. How will you divide up chores? Who will make sure the utility bill gets paid? Will the apartment be a quiet zone at certain hours? How will you communicate when you disagree or have a conflict with one another? Some listers have used Google docs, Trello boards or chalkboards in the kitchen to keep track of shared expectations and responsibilities. It might feel a little uncomfortable to talk about your needs and expectations so early on, but it will set you up for success later.

Make time to check-in.

Again, no one likes to babysat or supervised–but it’s not about that at all. Life happens and it’s good to catch with each other especially if the household is a busy one. Having a monthly or bi-monthly apartment meeting pays off. Set aside time to check-in with each other, to find out how everyone is doing, and to discuss any household issues. You can have these meetings over your favorite snacks or beverage. Even if you and your roommate aren’t close friends, it’s worth it to take the time for these check-ins. No matter how good your guidelines are, things will come up. And it’s so easy to lose track of what’s going on with your roommate if you don’t take the time to slow down and check-in.

So there you have it. Let us know how these tips have help you! Comment below w/ feedback or help us improve our list. Follow us on Instagram @beebodi and join the Wellness Community for more articles like this @beebodi Treat Support and Invigrate Facebook Group

NO More Body Shaming

 It’s Amazing.

I expect self-inflicted Body-Shaming from the post-partum moms I work with. After all it isn’t easy seeing everyone go on with their lives while adjusting to Motherhood, a little one,  this new body + extended LIFE. Social Media does a great job of informing us but it can also be Terrorizing. Information can be overwhelming when it becomes suggestive. Comments and Feedback can quickly go from admirable and loving to criticism and jealousy. 

This virtual world we live in is something else–it has the ability to speed up time for us and bring us out of reality for entertainment purposes, an escape for some, and a tricky line that we all tow when the virtual begins to feel more REAL than we are. There have even been reports of school ages children falling deep into depression, remission, and identity crises as a result of the overexposure to opinions of others promoted on their computer screen. The wildest part of it all is that those childish antics continue well into adulthood. 

Relieved Traumatic Experiences can shape our outlook on Life and the way we see ourselves completely. I think on this as we prepare to close out the month of June which promotes PSTD Awareness and Vocalization. I envision a Giant Oak Tree, its inner Carvings Smooth and Soft–the rings on the inside of this Tree indicating its years of Wisdom and Existence–the sun shining through the holes and gateways as I sit in front of a Wise Woman (my conscience) speaking to me about the things of my past that have caused we harm, hurt, trouble, regret, sadness, fear, resentment or unforgiveness. 

As of lately–recurring instances of Body-Shaming have brought themselves to light in my life. Lately, I find a sense of disconnect to discord with individuals who don’t share the same body makeup as my own: petite, fit/tone, agile and free. For various reasons, I am sure that have nothing to do with me personally and yet I feel the weight pressure of their glares, comments, gestures or just in projected energy so strongly. It brings me back to High School Senior Year when I was falsely accused of being Anorexic, or in my Dance Career getting comments from critiques saying that my body wasn’t the traditional willowing Swan during my ballet solo performance in New York City, it gives me glimpses of Women in my immediate circle and some whom I don’t even know making comments about my body my lack of curves or fillers that think a “Woman” should have. 


It’s this work. The work on our Spirits and Souls as Women in bodies that are already objectified and shamed that we need to start loving and living in ACCEPTANCE.

Check out this E-Zine including a player for those who experience difficulty with PTSD by LP, Justine Kellee

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Pandemic News

HELP!!! I flew w/ Southwest. I’m Holiday Traumatized.

Spirit Airlines can finally take a deep breath. Their a la carte fare services don’t even begin to compare to the frustration that many Americans now feel towards once longstanding favorite airline — Southwest — who took a turn for the worst over the holidays leaving thousands stranded in the airport over the holiday season. Family Vacations,…

Nu Beebodi Talks Podcast Episode

We kick off this Nu Season – heading back to School, Work and etc. with a Radical attitude towards Self-Care – “Optimal is not Optional Series”. Listen to our first guest speaker episode of the Season – featuring Miyesha McGriff – Collage Dance Collective Principal Dancer, Company Artist, Model, Brandista & Amazing Woman. Sharing her…

I AM Womanifesto… LAWS of MAAT.

  • I honor virtue
  • I benefit with gratitude
  • I am peaceful
  • I respect the property of others
  • I affirm that all life is sacred
  • I give offerings that are genuine
  • I live in truth
  • I regard all altars with respect
  • I speak with sincerity
  • I consume only my fair share

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Mind/Body Spirit Saves the DAY

Sangha Trinidad

Monday February 16th 2021, I took online yoga with Karen Blackman of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

This was a hybrid class with about 7+ people in-studio and 4 of us participants tuning in online. I was excited because it’s been months since last took class with this Sistah. She offers a dynamic class that challenges your body and your will. Karen is not afraid to explore new things with her students and open their thoughts up to new ideas about their Yoga practice. I am always thrilled to support Black Business especially when it comes to Health and Wellness.

This day was special because it marked the FIRST EVER that she was able to hold class on a Carnivale Monday in Trinidad. Usually businesses are completely closed and or shutdown for the day unless it has to do with this Holiday. It is comprised of a Festival, Carnival Parade, Daytime Shows, Nighttime Concerts & Fetes & More. This tradition is an esteemed affair that’s for the whole Family and Community. Now the larger Caribbean community has taken to the unique sounds of Soca a join in on the celebration throughout the year. 

Carnivale is an important part of Trinidad & Tobago’s rich culture and history. Since the shutdown and closure of it’s borders the country like any other has had to turn inward to reassess and take steps to improve their economy. Only work that excludes international trade & commissions, tourism and the like were able to survive. But for many small business and native Trinidadians this meant that without the income from productions, radiant costumes, design and decorum, food and preparation –without Carnivale, Tourism.


Much like the rest of the World, the weight of the Pandemic is beginning to feel HEAVY and the threat of this virus as a National Health Crisis has has swamped Trinidadian people into mental isolation although they are back to work and school in sub-normal capacity.

To alleviate the pain that Trinbagoans feel this year many have turned to focusing on their Health & Wellness Journey instead. Placing extra love and emphasis on their self care by attending Yoga Classes such as Karen’s to boost their self esteem. I am an avid proponent of the notion that the body is the very first environment so through practices of breath work, movement, and postural alignment one can regain the strength they need to with stand the mental/emotional strain of isolation. 

What used to be dubbed as an activity for, Tree Huggers, Yogis, Granola People and Hippies has now revolutionized into a staple for the so many. Health and Wellness awareness initiatives continue to provide effective solutions for remedying the pressure of living in an light speed world; they drastically reduce the number of COVID-19 cases and prevent the greater population from the anxiety and fear that comes with potentially contracting the Coronavirus. With many Americans still in quarantine, working from home and living under strict conditions breathing and stretching for 30 mins just might be a saving grace. 

It could be the one thing they aspire to do that day. A Life Saver. Today, I personally continue to patronize Sangha Yoga Trinidad as a monthly-subscribed member taking virtual classes with Karen, Melanie, Glender, Marina, Haley, Danea, Nathalia, Hari Sant and *Instructor in Training, Nadia.

To learn more, Visit:

Juice of the Week

Wellness Routine

  1. Avoid being a Couch Potato! Unless you have to be seated for relaxation, rest, eating or work try to stay up on your feet throughout the day. Get out of the HOUSE and Move that Body. The Spring is Here!
  2. Dance – Beebodi Fit Classes are a great way to break a Sweat and keep that GUT in tact.
  3. Love Your Self. Your Gut is just one aspect of your whether it’s Gouging or GONE.

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