Nu Beebodi Talks Podcast Episode

We kick off this Nu Season – heading back to School, Work and etc. with a Radical attitude towards Self-Care – “Optimal is not Optional Series”.

Listen to our first guest speaker episode of the Season – featuring Miyesha McGriff – Collage Dance Collective Principal Dancer, Company Artist, Model, Brandista & Amazing Woman.

Sharing her Vulnerable Journey toward a more consistent Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle.

How she overcame womb challenges and continues to recover from her surgery on her Gallbladder.

What she does do to retain her Peace throughout the day. 

General Advice for other Dancers. 

Check her out:


Wellness Retreats, Solo Trips, Group Getaways. “How I pick em.”

About once every 3 months- just about, I grab my passport and head to the Airport.

After leaving the performance stage in 2015 due to a rare chronic neurological condition “Trigeminal Neuralgia”, I made it point to slow down, take better care of my body and embrace holistic self-care that would allow me to live a longer and more fulfilled Life! It began with the need for a Solo-Getaway, I approached my Elders who were from the Islands and asked them for advice….so Jamaica became my first destination. Each morning, I arose to fresh plant-based foods, water sun, dancing and meditation. I’ve never looked back since.

U.S. Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Kenya and counting… btw, you’re welcome along with these voyages because I now offer them as Group International Wellness Retreats. As a Tour Guide it’s all love, but it also extremely hard work getting things just right for the comfort and enjoyment of others. I take my time, paying attention to the details because your trip is my trip….so here’s how I pick ’em:

  1. Location – It’s true what they say, it is Key. Retreats are about time for self-rejuvenation, relaxation, reflection, introspection, connection and discovery. The place that the retreat is set in should Support that: in Nature, or Off-the-Grid, away from the Noise/Masses, with minimal in Tourist hype. The Location should be a reflection of the Theme for the retreat experience, so if it’s a Mother/Daughter or Couple Retreat the location should lend itself to fun for trust-building exercises and bonding, if it’s a Movement/Yoga retreat we will have a tree house studio, outdoor pavilion or the like to facilitate workshops; and finally if it’s a Cultural Getaway you can bet that farm tours, mountain overlooks and the like are going on the itinerary.
  2. Season – While you may have plans to travel it may not always be the best time to get-away. Paying attention to the weather is critical so as not to ruin travel plans. The Islands for example all have Hurricane Seasons, Rainy Seasons, Festival Seasons, Political Seasons, High/Low Tide Seasons, etc. These things are small but will make a huge difference when it comes to planning; it can determine the course of your flight, beach vibes, ground traffic/road closures, etc. so Know before you GO!!!
  3. Access – I always ask my travelers a series of questions before taking off! Some travelers may be low maintenance and don’t mind sharing a room or villa suite while others may need 5-Star Resort Accommodations. As a Guide, I provide an experience that brings all elements together to best suit all as best. Do the research to discover what other accessibilities there are: Health Facilities nearby, Animal Control, Security/Guard Protection, ATM/Banks, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, etc. The best way to
  4. Price/Cost – This can make or break one’s decision to travel. Inflation in the U.S. is here and staying for a while. Meanwhile, the Travel Industry is booming, which means that prices no longer reasonable it seems so check discount travel sites, set notifications for flight watches if you’re wanting a great deal, take your time – don’t rush it. Price Matters! And when I touch down, I want the local experience and the local price too! So that means Street Food is the move, recommendations please and avoid high-price resorts/hotels + American Pub Restaurants that sale Burgers, Pizza, Chicken and Fries. You can get that at Home!!! Most destinations would prefer USD Cash Bills over card payments, it reduces the cost of foreign-transaction fees etc. Just remember this and you’ll be fine…or yea and did, I mention setting a budget? That part!!!

More Tips coming soon…when I release my book A Travelista’s Guide this Summer 2022

Quest Called Triba

Check Out this recent interview with Sam Hebda.

“Community” is the coming together of like-minded/hearted individuals in support or for the upliftment of a common cause. Triba is an online community space that uplifts business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals using coaching, network, and workshops engagements in all ranges of industries including but not limited to: Tech, Web2/3, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Product Design, Health/Wellness, Art, Research/Analytics, etc.

It was important for The Beebodi Marketplace to share insight around the topic of Balancing Work-Life using tactics such as Mindfulness, Morning Regimens, and Breathing Techniques.

What a Time. A Weekend at the Ranch.

It’s been a week now since being up in the hills of Piparo, Trinidad where the Air was Sweet, the growing of any/every kind of Fruit and Veggie was Fresh, and the Melodious sounds of Music in Harmony filled the Air.

I’ve been here in Sweet T&T going on 2 months now – in Search of Peace, Self-Affirming Love, and a Groundedness while on Work-Study as a Breathwork Practitioner. Travel becomes me…from Kenya to the Caribbean. It’s something about being in Motion and discovering by way of lived experience, observation and in real-time- it’s such an Inspiration. It’s even more fulfilling when what you Discover is has meaning, gives you Pause, or is attached to a Cause.

Visiting The Blackman Ranch was all of these things.

I thought I was opting in for an easygoing tour with history, nature, and a little Jamboree, but God had bigger plans in store. After an informative drive from POS down South, we landed in Piparo and discovered an active volcano where I was able to apply mineral-rich sulfur onto my body. Yes! Talk about organic healing properties. Tourists met at the National Trust Fund which is stationed amongst one of the Magnificent 7 (Mielle Fluer) Houses there across from the Savannah. Guided by a Local Historian, it’s great for learning or relearning parts of Trinidad for local residents and can be experienced at a discounted rate for those who join as a member of the NTF. 

Next thing you know, I was at Thee Blackman Family Home on the Hill, the place where Garfield Blackman – infamously known as Lord Ras Shorty I raised his family and cultivated his own genre of Music known as Jamoo (Jah- Jehovah Music) for my First Official Tour in Trinidad. We were met with Love and a Warm Welcome by the Family’s eldest siblings: who gave us a mini-tour of the land, accompanied by a musical demonstration from Sheldon Blackman who did a tribute to Lord Ras Shorty I. Dressed in traditional African Garb, he sang some of his original songs and told us stories about their family’s upbringing. It was timeless, beautiful, and nostalgic. 

The yard was an open experience including LIVE Music, a Bonfire, Traditional Trinidiand Foods, and a special dish the Blackmans call – Soca Chicken. 

Nailah Blackman – Soca Sensation of “Bodum, Bodum + More Sokah + Sweet Loco  

was also there featuring the release of her new product Sweet Loco – fresh-pressed juices of Soursop, Tangerine, Guava, Mango, Passion Fruit. Soon to be made Available in Massey Stores throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 

The night ended with a beautiful tribute from Marge Blackman – touching on the Earth Conscious Movement known as the SAVE SOIL Campaign – singing original and cover songs to stir our hearts and get us moving. The entire family musically inclined and in love with Life was a joy to bear witness to.

My eyes were completely open – red soil, a backyard stage, Fresh Yaba Soup with Bhaji and Cheese made on the stove Kitchen in the Back. And all around…smiles, generosity, and an Abundance of Love. I learn, sang, cried, and laughed by the Bonfire. I let the Sunbeam down on my Face.

The Blackman Family hopes for more visitation up at The Ranch and for people to acknowledge this geographical point as a cultural landmark, of Musical Ingenuity and Spiritual Encounter.

Product of the Week!

One of the first Pit Stops in the Whole Foods Market is to grab one of these delicious drinks!
Non-Dairy and Delicious. It’s packed with nutrients, minerals, and flavor!

My favorite is the Blue Oxidant, Spirulina + Green Japanese Matcha. I’m hooked – I’d venture to say it tastes like what babies must go for in Mama’s Breast Milk. It had the perfect consistency, sweetness, texture, and ingredient mixes!!!

Try it today:

Light enough to consume after a workout.
Rich enough to supplement a snack in between meals. Great for the Whole Family 🙂 Kid/Babe Safe. Drop this in your Amazon Cart! – Trust Me, you won’t be disappointed. *Price = $5 USD

Jambo! Narobi, Malindi + Watamu

Well, I made it.

The Motherland. God willing ~ you cross the Atlantic Sea + Land Safely and discover that there is no reason to Fear. The images of poverty, lack with strips of refugee camp life, beggars and thieves — enlarged bellies and cry for medical help is only a fraction of the equation; once you realize Home in Africa is much like Home any other place full of the where there are the inevitable “Ghetto’s” as India.Arie says – yet development, affluence, and people thriving with access to date technology is everywhere. Same Same, all with the exception of a sea of beautiful Black Bodies, Faces + the Essence of Melaninated People. The very best part.

Usually– when traveling alone.
My travels consist of Wellness Activities, spending ample time in Nature, Sleeping in or engorging myself in Movement Research. This time I came in pursuit of a Creative Event (coordinating a Wedding) yet managed to find time between my responsibilities to say…NO.

…or “NOT now”– that was a mental exercise in and of itself. When it’s just me — there is no schedule. No appointments, no places I absolutely have to be. But I always make room, space and time for community and connection.

Here is a moment. I was Blessed to share with some school children while in Malindi, Kenya. It was during Christmas time, last year in 2021 that I felt more compelled to give to those in need than I did to my loved ones~ who in my humble opinion had more than enough. At the time, I purchased 3 Tablets with a blind eye, trusting that the Holy Spirit would lead me to the right persons to give it to. Sure enough — there they were.

My Tuk Tuk Driver, a young guy who’d been escorting me around town faithfully was excited for me to meet them, some children 3 of them coming home from school – you could tell that they were his favorite people. Along the ride, I felt that hunch in my Soul to learn more about the children, as I could tell that one of them was a proficient writer & All of them – so calm, focused and well behaved.

Take a look to see how, the giving of “The Gift” unfolded.

Soon after, we became friends. I was happy to see them again each time managed to hop in the Tuk Tuk together. Natasha, aspires to be an Artist while her sister, Beyonce looks to be a Family Practicing Lawyer and Warren knows tons about the Universe, Space and Archeology – he hopes to become a Scientist. I have no doubt in my mind that they will all succeed at this.


Imagine. a Retreat for Sistas. Queens. in the Motherland.

White Sand. Fresh Juices + Fruits. the Wind, the Sea, & Sky.

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The Spice of LIFE.

Every Year around this time…

The Beebodi Marketplace host a Winter Wellness Retreat.

It began a personal practice for Kayla Harley, who was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition of which causes severe inflammation and chronic pain in the head, neck and jaw area. After a nearly fatal car accident, strange aversions of her cervical spine, shoulders+ back took over and could only be undone through a Spiritual Journey of self-care, wellness activations, deep meditation, prayer, cultural awakenings and the like in the form of a Retreat. After a local staycation experience in 2019 – Beebodi expanded to international territory, taking participants to Negril, Jamaica at Raha’s Retreat.

Although the success of the trip proved evident in the lives retreat goers, who became more aware and intentional about their wellness journey, the announcement of new strands of the COVID-19 virus such as the Delta and Omicron variant changed this in Winter 2021. Kayla, decided to retreat on her own and take her followers on a virtual experience of The Spice Island.

Beebodi Retreat, Sankalpa Yoga Studio

True Blue Bay Resort is the destination of stay for her time spent and couldn’t have been a better choice considering a few things:

  • Vibrant, Energetic and Kind Staff
  • Family Oriented Environment with plenty of safe and fun play areas for Kids
  • Wheel-Chair Accessibilities in all Area
  • Great Connections with Local Vendors, Music Artists for LIVE Music and the GTA Tour Agency
  • A Taste of the Spice everywhere you GO.
  • A Wellness Space with a Full Gym + Yoga Studio
  • Hotspot for Visitors on special days like : Street Food Wednesday 
  • Quick, On-Time and Efficient Service

The Beebodi Marketplace partnered with the resort to bring awareness to the highlights of what the beautiful island of Grenada has to offer to feature its diverse population, unique essence, purity, and affluent black entrepreneurship from the local market vendors to the 21st Century major promotional events. Since the global shutdown, the travel market has grown exponentially. For one reason or the other travelers are in search of a different experience apart from their own for exploration vacation, business, and even to consider ex-pat living.

LIVE Music, Food, Family + Fun


Travel brings liberty, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Now more than ever BIPOC communities ranging from students, recent graduates, to young professionals – Millennials are taking on global exploits in the Caribbean islands to uncover their history, enrichen their cultural identity, and strengthen their connection to family Diasporic roots.

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Going on tours, taking part in live events, fairs, parades or just talking to a local about life on island. There is something for everyone- all ages, in fact, because the elements of nature are so prevalent in the islands it allows for the chance to experience and interact with life in this dimension is life-changing like going for a swim with the family in the morning instead of beating rush hour traffic to work and school, walking your dog on a mountainous hike, or taking in live music and street food that’s homemade with love…beats McDonald’s any day. All in all, Milennial Travelers are in search of destinations to become that expression of “Living their Best Lives!” For memories, that can bring home to help reshape their thinking and approach to life in a way that is shaped by their experiences instead of their circumstances. 

One of the major aspects of a Beebodi Wellness Retreat Experiences are the takeaways…

In Jamaica, the women attending Raha Retreat took on a whole new meaning of breakfast when Chef Knoxx showed us how to make Banana Porridge. While in Grenada, we took a trip to Sugar and Spice and got a first-hand lecture and demonstration from Mr. John about some of the best spices they have to offer:



Star Anise


… and more.

The medicinal properties of Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices when presented in raw form is an encounter like none other. This and many other revitalizing aspects of the trip are what make the retreat unique especially when the tour guide makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. A true historian, Kelly our GTA Tour Guide for the record was one of the most detailed, thorough, and accurate persons encountered yet. Amazing. And again, inspiring to bear witness to Black Excellence and Representation of one’s country land. This is one to relive again with friends and retreat participants. You’ll experience for yourself as well…when you join us in the near future!

Check out our trip to The Spice Shop:

Written: Kayla Harley, Washington DC, U.S.

Media Content: Makesi Williams Tringlobe Media, Trinidad & Tobago

Connect to Kulture

I learned a new phrase from a friend the other day, Jamerican (Jamaican + American). I was shocked! That’s a thing? Yes. Just like, Yankee Bermudian….that’s me.

Check Out this special story and telling about a Healthy Life w/ Food and Family from Jamerican Chef and Artist, A.Z. on our Beebodi Talk Podcast Episode:

Half Island Girl, but still an American. I’ve spent every summer on the island with my family since I was a young girl but I never did get our cuisine down. My mom was about the waffles, eggs, and bacon life, and I just never saw it for me. It wasn’t until I finally had a say-so about my food while in college that I started to invest in organic eats, a healthier regimen, and lean into my beloved Caribbean roots.

This year I took a leap of faith and seized my opportunity to really learn by hiring a chef. It’s always a plus when you make Godly-Connections and that is what Chef Tiffany was for me Godsend. She happens to be from my home church Evangel Cathedral so I am glad that I was able to be a patronized to a Black/Female Owned Business as she blessed me with the cooking skills I needed. Just the basics: cutting, dough rising, texture, flavor, spice, color, and the kind of love that goes into a single dish. Youtube can’t do that. Nothing beats an in-person experience.

Sweet + Hot Peppers

Here are a few moments, where I learned how to make Coconut Bake on White and Rye Bread with Saltfish.

Chef Tiffany at WORK
Rolling Out Dough after sitting to Rise for 30 Minutes
Green Peppers always have a Fresh Crisp taste to it. BE CAREFUL. These are HOT!!!!

Although it was quite a challenge finding the right International Grocery for the ingredients that we needed for the dish. (settled for Pollock Fish instead of Cod). We managed to make this delicious meal and enjoy it together with a touch of Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus Drink) of which I made the night before. Tiffany is from Guyana so working with her opened my eyes to just how different every island is in culture and in approach to the kitchen. Learn more about her chef services: IG @zite_catering

Buttered an Ready to Enjoy!

Roomies 101

This article was inspired by real life events.

During the course of this past year in the midst of a Global Pandemic drastic changes took place some for the better and others for the worst. I myself, relocated 3 times during the shutdown. For some people–this un-Earthing came in more grueling in the form of: Eviction, In-Home COVID-19 Outbreaks, Landlord negligence and bad Roommate Syndrome. But just like you– I’m trying to make sense of it all. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslists, Roomsters….you name it I’ve explored it. It’s got to be tough for those adults who had to move back home to be with parents and family forfeiting their independence because of Rent. In 2021– the year of reform and build, the goal is to avoid making mistakes that will cost you in the long run.

Here are few tips to keep the peace and harmony in the home when you’ve just move into to a shared living and environment:

Learn. Ask Questions. Get to know each other.

It may take more than a meet and greet to decide on the right fit. The initial conversation you have with potential roommates should include who you are and what you are looking for during the span of time you live there. , in all likelihood, begin before you even meet your roommate.  These kinds of details are the beginning of any good roommate relationship. To be able to live successfully with another human being you do need to know to who they are, what they’re like, and how they want to live with you. So from the beginning of your relationship, share what you want the person (s) you’re living to know about you –quirky, fun, strange, serious, different etc. so that they can know when the time comes.

community_of_roommates 3

Take the time to think about what you need

Moving into the new environment requires that you are able to connect internally as well as enjoy the conveniences and amenities that are there. Before putting the mic to someone else take sometime to reflect and answer the questions for yourself. No matter what the situation is, though, you’re going to need to get clear with yourself. Do you need silence and alone time when you get home from work? Are there pet peeves that you have about cleanliness or spice cabinet organization? Are you comfortable having your roommate’s partner in the house every weekend? Take some time to think about it, because building a positive relationship with your roommate will first require that you are clear with yourself about what you need.

Set clear guidelines and Expectations. Respect them.

No one likes being told what to do–school is out right? Not quite. The school of life is still here and you are in enrolled in Home Economics. Ideally, you’ll come out of this conversation with a really clear understanding of what is okay and what is not okay in your home. How will you divide up chores? Who will make sure the utility bill gets paid? Will the apartment be a quiet zone at certain hours? How will you communicate when you disagree or have a conflict with one another? Some listers have used Google docs, Trello boards or chalkboards in the kitchen to keep track of shared expectations and responsibilities. It might feel a little uncomfortable to talk about your needs and expectations so early on, but it will set you up for success later.

Make time to check-in.

Again, no one likes to babysat or supervised–but it’s not about that at all. Life happens and it’s good to catch with each other especially if the household is a busy one. Having a monthly or bi-monthly apartment meeting pays off. Set aside time to check-in with each other, to find out how everyone is doing, and to discuss any household issues. You can have these meetings over your favorite snacks or beverage. Even if you and your roommate aren’t close friends, it’s worth it to take the time for these check-ins. No matter how good your guidelines are, things will come up. And it’s so easy to lose track of what’s going on with your roommate if you don’t take the time to slow down and check-in.

So there you have it. Let us know how these tips have help you! Comment below w/ feedback or help us improve our list. Follow us on Instagram @beebodi and join the Wellness Community for more articles like this @beebodi Treat Support and Invigrate Facebook Group