I may be Black….but, my Money is Green. | NOW Traveling w/my Greenbook Global Passport

You may have heard the phrase — we’re not catching feelings…we are catching flights! Well, I can’t help but feel good when I think about the perks of being a Premium Passport member of Green Global.

Right now — Black Travel is a trending topic. The excitement and pursuit of adventure for young professionals looking to break away from the stress of everyday corporate work-life are undeniable. Globetrotters look to social media influencers that share their itineraries, give tours, and tutorials and leave reviews of their authentic experiences to pick their next travel destination.

There is something about hearing it first from a Black Traveler who has been there and done that — someone who can speak to the truth of our experiences that non-Black persons may not have to even consider or to think about:

Safety — Racial Profiling/Target, BIPOC-Friendly Areas

Things to Know…before you You — Tips, Advice

Food/Cuisine — pricing, ratings, honest feedback

Romance — destinations for Baecations, Weddings etc.

Nightlife — bars, concerts, live music, parties, fetes, etc.

Family — kids, large groups, etc.

Booking through the Greenbook Global Travel website I am able to get up to 3.5% cashback and earn rewards points that turn into USD$.

They’ve partnered with Travelocity, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Mariott and other major travel sites to bring its members such perks. While other sites are great for promoting information and resources — this site allows you to move at your own pace and fill in an interactive map of all of the places you review/visit.

Sign Up! Grab Your Premium Passport for $30 USD — One Time Fee for the entire Year.


Port of Paradise? – Visit Trinidad

How do you define Paradise? Every destination is different. 

It all depends on where you Jet Set GO!
Trinidad is not known for jaw-dropping picturesque beach resorts, vacation spots, and R&R – that’s Tobago. 
Instead, its winy mountainous roads, busy streets, epic festive Holidays, and delicious street foods, charisma and character is an acquired appreciation. That’s why you’ve got VISIT + EXPERIENCE. 
Carnival in February is the country’s main source of income next to oil refineries, cocoa distribution, and ecological development/research.

Book Your Flight + Hotel | Save + get 3.5% cashback | Greenbook Global Passport

The beauty and fullness of life can be found all around. You just need to Open Your EYES!
For me – I found the beauty. It’s an evolution that usually begins somewhere around Queens Park Savanna in Port of Spain with a fresh Tamarind Juice or COLD Young Nut. It’s there I can enjoy and support the vendors or kick back in the truck of my car beneath the stars. When I’m not doing yoga at the Sangha Trinidad studio, I’m singing karaoke at a bar or grabbing a bite to eat at a slammin’ BBQ joint. (that’s the grill not the Sauce)

If it is February just like this year – I’m up and out on the road for Jouvert Morning from midnight until 7 AM. There are also many ways to get good earth energy – a hike, a trek through the Cocoa Farms, a trip to La Vega Gran Couva or GAYAP Reforestation Site. 
Here are some highlight moments from my Trip. FOLLOW ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR MORE!
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Thinking about going to Trinidad Carnivale? Watch things 10 things to know before you Go!

Queens Park Savannah Vendors Hut, Akilah the Healer – Forester | FACRP – GAYAP | Watch my Tiktok

Maracas Bay Beach + Los Cuervos Beach – North Trinidad – Get Your “Bake & Shark”

South Trinidad, Chaguanas – Market Day sitting on a TGM Bench

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Smiling is Resilience | SHERVY’S AU NATURALE

I met an incredible woman who not only demonstrates courage, creativity, integrity, and femininity but one whose story will change the way that we see Human Will-Power.

Shervon Ifill, wore a Black Mask as we sat for an hour and spoke about the state of our Earth, Preservation Methods, Waste Mitigation and Management in her home country Trinidad and Tobago and the future of breaking through conventional living with the Save Soil Campaign.

This is the Turmeric & Ginger Organic Body Soap as part of Shervon’s product line she launched before the Pandemic – “SHERVY’S”. The experience was sensational. I got a clean body, nourished skin, and peace of mind knowing that every element of the product was made from the Earth and biodegradable materials.

Although I could see the expression of joy and vitality in her eyes as she shared the details of her creations…her laughter full of glee and hope…her own Melaninated skin, glowing from the Seamoss and Aloe-rich products she makes and uses on herself!

I was equally struck by her resilience – having recently recovered from major surgery on her Face, Neck, Chest, and Shoulder area. As a Chronic Pain Warrior – I resonated with the challenges that come with post-procedure healing. I thought back to 2016 getting nerve block injections in my face, MRI Cat-Scans week after week, and the hours of physical therapy just to maintain some sense of normalcy with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Not only is it physically taxing for the body, but it also takes a toll on your Spiritual/Energetic body easily weighing down your Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations if you allow it.

Acinic Carcinoma – this is the name of a slow-growing rare tumor of the salivary glands, which often occurs in the parotid gland and resembles normal acinic cells. In Shervon’s case, a grapefruit size enlarged growth formed on the left side of her face removing her from her life in research study and government affairs in The Ministry of Energy in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Today – she is retired and refocusing her time and energy on building a bright future for herself and her future family. She is an organic vegetable and fruit grower (I’ve tried her organic plantain myself! Fried them up gloriously for Breakfast…yes!) Shervon’s dedication to creating a product line that also resembles her life principles is commendable despite the hardship and challenges she has faced as a Woman – “transformed” – not “deformed“.

SHERVY’S is made available for local Trinidadians for purchase and shipment and is said to last customers for weeks at a time. Shervon is more concerned with the status of her customers’ health, well-being, and the enjoyment of her products knowing that quality speaks volumes over the need for quantity. I myself, am thrilled to be a recipient of her Women’s Month special giveaway including the full product-line kit and special cotton SHERVY’S bag to go with it!!!
The products will soon be made available to International patrons via her online website and Facebook page. Visit her store today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shervysbnb

Website: http://shervynaturalbnb.com/

Beebodi Reel Review: https://www.facebook.com/reel/934146777734054


My Review: Watch this Tiktok!

Travel Wellness

Traveling is a thrilling experience.

A getaway experience is certainly one to look forward to when the idea of putting “life as you -know it” on pause becomes reality. Today – Digital Nomad living and remote work options have begun to blur the lines of a traditional “getaway” and replaced it – with month-to-month rental home living, coworking spaces, airport nap-pods, premium membership lounges and year-round cash-back deals and savings to key us All jet setting and on the GO!

For Me, I jet set with intention of discovering new medicinal elements, healing and sacred spaces, recreational activities that promote mindfulness, plant-based cuisine experiences, nature trails and bodies of water, wisdom/life lessons and moments for active rest.

I appreciate these seasons of my life for the purpose of building strength for upcoming wellness retreat experiences. As a leader – my energy, agility and presence amongst the group must be on point. As a chronic pain warrior – I have to balance my responisiblities with Compassion for myself. Travel Wellness Itineraries that include : cleanses, resting, sun or forest bathing, swimming or exercise is the perfect dose of rejuvenation especially during the Winter Season (cold weather).

Follow mourn Travel Journey on Youtube and Tiktok @beeboditravels

10 Things to Know before you GO! Trinidad Carnivale 2023 – How to Prepare.

Yes. It’s that time of the Year. High Spirited. Life Celebration and this Year a Reclamation of all that was Lost during the Pandemic/Shutdown for the past 2 years. Trinidadians are Ready! And if you’re traveling then you want to make sure that you are ready too!

In my Youtube Video, I discuss ways in which you can prepare your body *towards the end and boost the immune system. It is with IV DRIP Therapy that vitamins can be infused into your bloodstream directly in the form of a cocktail – Vitamin C, D, B-12, Magnesium, etc.
Search for your Local Clinic or Servicer to learn more about Mobile/At-Home Care.

Our Founder, Kayla Harley – Pure Drop IV Staff

HELP!!! I flew w/ Southwest. I’m Holiday Traumatized.

Spirit Airlines can finally take a deep breath. Their a la carte fare services don’t even begin to compare to the frustration that many Americans now feel towards once longstanding favorite airline — Southwest — who took a turn for the worst over the holidays leaving thousands stranded in the airport over the holiday season. Family Vacations, Weddings, Getaway affairs…all completely OUT of the Door. Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic airline in the U.S., canceled more than 16,000 flights over an 11-day period at the end of December 2022.

“There’s just no way almost to apologize enough because we love our customers, we love our people and really impacted their plans,” CEO Bob Jordan said. “There will be a lot of lessons learned that come out of this.”

It’s been an open secret within Southwest for some time, and a shameful one, that the company desperately needed to modernize its scheduling systems. Software shortcomings contributed to previous, smaller-scale meltdowns, and Southwest unions had repeatedly warned about the software.

You know — around this time of year (Winter Solstice) everyone has the same thing in mind…Holiday Travel. The pileup is so predictable considering this is the only time of the year that Americans truly get to flex and have the kind of freedom that makes them proud of the work they’ve done all year. A tender yet sad sentiment — the airlines have yet to find ways to mitigate these problems in a sound/sensible way instead they’d rather take the money and run! …backing up airports like clogged hair in the sink.

Just Picture it.

Hot and Sweaty flyers — waiting tirelessly for the light at the end of the Tunnel — an announcer to finally call for boarding or provide some kind of update on their delayed flight. Hunger, Fatigue, and Dehydration setting in so they dip into their bellhop tipping cash to buy a $6 bottle of water and $4 bag of chips. It’s monstrous.

It is a sign of the need for HELP! The average American doesn’t think outside of the spectrum of an end-of-the-year holiday season. Meanwhile, travelers from around the world “go on Holiday” all year around.

This multi-cultural definition — “holiday” means, time off. It doesn’t (or shouldn’t) indicate the recognition of a particular day or series of events centered around religion or societal celebrations. Then again, non-American countries have a far more rich and deeper grasp of mental/emotional welfare that subscribes to the fullness of life; and understand it’s worth celebrating at any time. Naturally, the impulse to fly out-take off, and enjoy life feels like a distant dream when you’re sitting in traffic heading into work each day — but maybe there is a way that seems more realistic than not. No wonder people maybe feel Holiday Traumatized.

America. (United States) We need a Cultural Reimagining.

As a Certified Wellness Practitioner who strongly advocates for #workplacewellness reform I know that things need to change from the inside out, how we view a “Holiday” is different from “the Holidays”.

Let’s Normalize —

— Requesting Holiday Days/Hours at Work — be honored for any time of the Year. (not just November/December)

— Requesting a Credit of Hours/Days in exchange for Overtime instead of Money.

— Request for Mental-Health Days (not sick days)

— Consolidating Hybrid Work Days for a set period of time.

— Increased Team Building / Staff Trips

Those travelers may receive refunds, and reimbursements at up to 25,000 travel points which is equivalent to $300 USD but they will not so easily forget the traumatic standstill that rocked their faith in the Holiday season.

Nu Beebodi Talks Podcast Episode

We kick off this Nu Season – heading back to School, Work and etc. with a Radical attitude towards Self-Care – “Optimal is not Optional Series”.

Listen to our first guest speaker episode of the Season – featuring Miyesha McGriff – Collage Dance Collective Principal Dancer, Company Artist, Model, Brandista & Amazing Woman.

Sharing her Vulnerable Journey toward a more consistent Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle.

How she overcame womb challenges and continues to recover from her surgery on her Gallbladder.

What she does do to retain her Peace throughout the day. 

General Advice for other Dancers. 

Check her out: https://www.miyeshamcgriff.com/

Wellness Retreats, Solo Trips, Group Getaways. “How I pick em.”

About once every 3 months- just about, I grab my passport and head to the Airport.

After leaving the performance stage in 2015 due to a rare chronic neurological condition “Trigeminal Neuralgia”, I made it point to slow down, take better care of my body and embrace holistic self-care that would allow me to live a longer and more fulfilled Life! It began with the need for a Solo-Getaway, I approached my Elders who were from the Islands and asked them for advice….so Jamaica became my first destination. Each morning, I arose to fresh plant-based foods, water sun, dancing and meditation. I’ve never looked back since.

U.S. Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Kenya and counting… btw, you’re welcome along with these voyages because I now offer them as Group International Wellness Retreats. As a Tour Guide it’s all love, but it also extremely hard work getting things just right for the comfort and enjoyment of others. I take my time, paying attention to the details because your trip is my trip….so here’s how I pick ’em:

  1. Location – It’s true what they say, it is Key. Retreats are about time for self-rejuvenation, relaxation, reflection, introspection, connection and discovery. The place that the retreat is set in should Support that: in Nature, or Off-the-Grid, away from the Noise/Masses, with minimal in Tourist hype. The Location should be a reflection of the Theme for the retreat experience, so if it’s a Mother/Daughter or Couple Retreat the location should lend itself to fun for trust-building exercises and bonding, if it’s a Movement/Yoga retreat we will have a tree house studio, outdoor pavilion or the like to facilitate workshops; and finally if it’s a Cultural Getaway you can bet that farm tours, mountain overlooks and the like are going on the itinerary.
  2. Season – While you may have plans to travel it may not always be the best time to get-away. Paying attention to the weather is critical so as not to ruin travel plans. The Islands for example all have Hurricane Seasons, Rainy Seasons, Festival Seasons, Political Seasons, High/Low Tide Seasons, etc. These things are small but will make a huge difference when it comes to planning; it can determine the course of your flight, beach vibes, ground traffic/road closures, etc. so Know before you GO!!!
  3. Access – I always ask my travelers a series of questions before taking off! Some travelers may be low maintenance and don’t mind sharing a room or villa suite while others may need 5-Star Resort Accommodations. As a Guide, I provide an experience that brings all elements together to best suit all as best. Do the research to discover what other accessibilities there are: Health Facilities nearby, Animal Control, Security/Guard Protection, ATM/Banks, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, etc. The best way to
  4. Price/Cost – This can make or break one’s decision to travel. Inflation in the U.S. is here and staying for a while. Meanwhile, the Travel Industry is booming, which means that prices no longer reasonable it seems so check discount travel sites, set notifications for flight watches if you’re wanting a great deal, take your time – don’t rush it. Price Matters! And when I touch down, I want the local experience and the local price too! So that means Street Food is the move, recommendations please and avoid high-price resorts/hotels + American Pub Restaurants that sale Burgers, Pizza, Chicken and Fries. You can get that at Home!!! Most destinations would prefer USD Cash Bills over card payments, it reduces the cost of foreign-transaction fees etc. Just remember this and you’ll be fine…or yea and did, I mention setting a budget? That part!!!

More Tips coming soon…when I release my book A Travelista’s Guide this Summer 2022

Quest Called Triba

Check Out this recent interview with Sam Hebda.

“Community” is the coming together of like-minded/hearted individuals in support or for the upliftment of a common cause. Triba is an online community space that uplifts business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals using coaching, network, and workshops engagements in all ranges of industries including but not limited to: Tech, Web2/3, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Product Design, Health/Wellness, Art, Research/Analytics, etc.

It was important for The Beebodi Marketplace to share insight around the topic of Balancing Work-Life using tactics such as Mindfulness, Morning Regimens, and Breathing Techniques.