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Each class or encounter with Me, is different. Every experience – it’s own. I am here as a Guide, a Vessel, a Friend to help see you through the challenges or to help you explore and discover anew. You and Your Body already know what to do.

– Beebodi Founder, Master Instructor Kayla Harley

GYROTONIC® | GYROKINESIS® is an internationally renowned and successfully proven modality that restores energy, increases mobility and flexibility, heightens awareness and rehabilitates concerned areas in the body. The technique incorporates breathwork with qualities similar to Thai Chai to help increase awareness, interconnection of the overall relationship to one’s body. 

What does it do for me?

  • Improves Mind/Body Awareness & Connection to Kinectic Energy for Movement in Life.
  • Enhances performance equally for the Everyday Person, the Super Athlete, Trainer, Dancer/Gymnast, etc.
  • Emphasizes the main components of sustainability and strength by bringing attention to one’s breath, blood flow and increases mobility in the joints + spine to reduce tension and/or strain.
  • Injury Prevention: a tool for rehabilitating concern areas, provide proper warm-up techniques, movement therapy strengthens weak points
  • Education: Body Anatomy Comprehension, Conditioning, Focus on Alignment and the Muscular Skeletal Structure  
  • Accessible to all movement levels; age ranges: young + elderly professionals
  • Low Impact, Performed Anywhere: In-Person & Virtual, Group Workshops/Class, + Corporate Settings.

Wellness Community

Community is Everything.
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Mind/Body Privates

Beebodi provides unique, personable care and attention that is specific to the needs of each participant. The goals are not important, building Trust is. Ask me more about this modality.

Tmrw.Tday Festival Negril, Jamaica

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Let us get to know you more first, then when you’re ready, Book Yours:)

Kayla Harley, Certified Trainer & Practitioner

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Breathwork, Energy Healing, Art + Movement Therapy

“Kayla helped me to discover my power, potential and the possibilities that there are with Breath, Movement and simply honoring my Temple.

Now I can expand my practice as a Licensed Therapist my empowering others.”

  • Justine Kelley, VITALITY© Beebodi Self-Discovery Program Apprentice


Tmrw.Tday Retreat, Negril Jamaica


International Recognized Practitioner + Lecturer, Kayla Harley.

Photograph: Washington, DC – Elements Wellness Center Studio

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