What a Time. A Weekend at the Ranch.

It’s been a week now since being up in the hills of Piparo, Trinidad where the Air was Sweet, the growing of any/every kind of Fruit and Veggie was Fresh, and the Melodious sounds of Music in Harmony filled the Air.

I’ve been here in Sweet T&T going on 2 months now – in Search of Peace, Self-Affirming Love, and a Groundedness while on Work-Study as a Breathwork Practitioner. Travel becomes me…from Kenya to the Caribbean. It’s something about being in Motion and discovering by way of lived experience, observation and in real-time- it’s such an Inspiration. It’s even more fulfilling when what you Discover is has meaning, gives you Pause, or is attached to a Cause.

Visiting The Blackman Ranch was all of these things.

I thought I was opting in for an easygoing tour with history, nature, and a little Jamboree, but God had bigger plans in store. After an informative drive from POS down South, we landed in Piparo and discovered an active volcano where I was able to apply mineral-rich sulfur onto my body. Yes! Talk about organic healing properties. Tourists met at the National Trust Fund which is stationed amongst one of the Magnificent 7 (Mielle Fluer) Houses there across from the Savannah. Guided by a Local Historian, it’s great for learning or relearning parts of Trinidad for local residents and can be experienced at a discounted rate for those who join as a member of the NTF. 

Next thing you know, I was at Thee Blackman Family Home on the Hill, the place where Garfield Blackman – infamously known as Lord Ras Shorty I raised his family and cultivated his own genre of Music known as Jamoo (Jah- Jehovah Music) for my First Official Tour in Trinidad. We were met with Love and a Warm Welcome by the Family’s eldest siblings: who gave us a mini-tour of the land, accompanied by a musical demonstration from Sheldon Blackman who did a tribute to Lord Ras Shorty I. Dressed in traditional African Garb, he sang some of his original songs and told us stories about their family’s upbringing. It was timeless, beautiful, and nostalgic. 

The yard was an open experience including LIVE Music, a Bonfire, Traditional Trinidiand Foods, and a special dish the Blackmans call – Soca Chicken. 

Nailah Blackman – Soca Sensation of “Bodum, Bodum + More Sokah + Sweet Loco  

was also there featuring the release of her new product Sweet Loco – fresh-pressed juices of Soursop, Tangerine, Guava, Mango, Passion Fruit. Soon to be made Available in Massey Stores throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 

The night ended with a beautiful tribute from Marge Blackman – touching on the Earth Conscious Movement known as the SAVE SOIL Campaign – singing original and cover songs to stir our hearts and get us moving. The entire family musically inclined and in love with Life was a joy to bear witness to.

My eyes were completely open – red soil, a backyard stage, Fresh Yaba Soup with Bhaji and Cheese made on the stove Kitchen in the Back. And all around…smiles, generosity, and an Abundance of Love. I learn, sang, cried, and laughed by the Bonfire. I let the Sunbeam down on my Face.

The Blackman Family hopes for more visitation up at The Ranch and for people to acknowledge this geographical point as a cultural landmark, of Musical Ingenuity and Spiritual Encounter.


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