Jambo! Narobi, Malindi + Watamu

Well, I made it.

The Motherland. God willing ~ you cross the Atlantic Sea + Land Safely and discover that there is no reason to Fear. The images of poverty, lack with strips of refugee camp life, beggars and thieves — enlarged bellies and cry for medical help is only a fraction of the equation; once you realize Home in Africa is much like Home any other place full of the where there are the inevitable “Ghetto’s” as India.Arie says – yet development, affluence, and people thriving with access to date technology is everywhere. Same Same, all with the exception of a sea of beautiful Black Bodies, Faces + the Essence of Melaninated People. The very best part.

Usually– when traveling alone.
My travels consist of Wellness Activities, spending ample time in Nature, Sleeping in or engorging myself in Movement Research. This time I came in pursuit of a Creative Event (coordinating a Wedding) yet managed to find time between my responsibilities to say…NO.

…or “NOT now”– that was a mental exercise in and of itself. When it’s just me — there is no schedule. No appointments, no places I absolutely have to be. But I always make room, space and time for community and connection.

Here is a moment. I was Blessed to share with some school children while in Malindi, Kenya. It was during Christmas time, last year in 2021 that I felt more compelled to give to those in need than I did to my loved ones~ who in my humble opinion had more than enough. At the time, I purchased 3 Tablets with a blind eye, trusting that the Holy Spirit would lead me to the right persons to give it to. Sure enough — there they were.

My Tuk Tuk Driver, a young guy who’d been escorting me around town faithfully was excited for me to meet them, some children 3 of them coming home from school – you could tell that they were his favorite people. Along the ride, I felt that hunch in my Soul to learn more about the children, as I could tell that one of them was a proficient writer & All of them – so calm, focused and well behaved.

Take a look to see how, the giving of “The Gift” unfolded.

Soon after, we became friends. I was happy to see them again each time managed to hop in the Tuk Tuk together. Natasha, aspires to be an Artist while her sister, Beyonce looks to be a Family Practicing Lawyer and Warren knows tons about the Universe, Space and Archeology – he hopes to become a Scientist. I have no doubt in my mind that they will all succeed at this.


Imagine. a Retreat for Sistas. Queens. in the Motherland.

White Sand. Fresh Juices + Fruits. the Wind, the Sea, & Sky.

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