The Spice of LIFE.

Every Year around this time…

The Beebodi Marketplace host a Winter Wellness Retreat.

It began a personal practice for Kayla Harley, who was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition of which causes severe inflammation and chronic pain in the head, neck and jaw area. After a nearly fatal car accident, strange aversions of her cervical spine, shoulders+ back took over and could only be undone through a Spiritual Journey of self-care, wellness activations, deep meditation, prayer, cultural awakenings and the like in the form of a Retreat. After a local staycation experience in 2019 – Beebodi expanded to international territory, taking participants to Negril, Jamaica at Raha’s Retreat.

Although the success of the trip proved evident in the lives retreat goers, who became more aware and intentional about their wellness journey, the announcement of new strands of the COVID-19 virus such as the Delta and Omicron variant changed this in Winter 2021. Kayla, decided to retreat on her own and take her followers on a virtual experience of The Spice Island.

Beebodi Retreat, Sankalpa Yoga Studio

True Blue Bay Resort is the destination of stay for her time spent and couldn’t have been a better choice considering a few things:

  • Vibrant, Energetic and Kind Staff
  • Family Oriented Environment with plenty of safe and fun play areas for Kids
  • Wheel-Chair Accessibilities in all Area
  • Great Connections with Local Vendors, Music Artists for LIVE Music and the GTA Tour Agency
  • A Taste of the Spice everywhere you GO.
  • A Wellness Space with a Full Gym + Yoga Studio
  • Hotspot for Visitors on special days like : Street Food Wednesday 
  • Quick, On-Time and Efficient Service

The Beebodi Marketplace partnered with the resort to bring awareness to the highlights of what the beautiful island of Grenada has to offer to feature its diverse population, unique essence, purity, and affluent black entrepreneurship from the local market vendors to the 21st Century major promotional events. Since the global shutdown, the travel market has grown exponentially. For one reason or the other travelers are in search of a different experience apart from their own for exploration vacation, business, and even to consider ex-pat living.

LIVE Music, Food, Family + Fun


Travel brings liberty, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Now more than ever BIPOC communities ranging from students, recent graduates, to young professionals – Millennials are taking on global exploits in the Caribbean islands to uncover their history, enrichen their cultural identity, and strengthen their connection to family Diasporic roots.

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Going on tours, taking part in live events, fairs, parades or just talking to a local about life on island. There is something for everyone- all ages, in fact, because the elements of nature are so prevalent in the islands it allows for the chance to experience and interact with life in this dimension is life-changing like going for a swim with the family in the morning instead of beating rush hour traffic to work and school, walking your dog on a mountainous hike, or taking in live music and street food that’s homemade with love…beats McDonald’s any day. All in all, Milennial Travelers are in search of destinations to become that expression of “Living their Best Lives!” For memories, that can bring home to help reshape their thinking and approach to life in a way that is shaped by their experiences instead of their circumstances. 

One of the major aspects of a Beebodi Wellness Retreat Experiences are the takeaways…

In Jamaica, the women attending Raha Retreat took on a whole new meaning of breakfast when Chef Knoxx showed us how to make Banana Porridge. While in Grenada, we took a trip to Sugar and Spice and got a first-hand lecture and demonstration from Mr. John about some of the best spices they have to offer:



Star Anise


… and more.

The medicinal properties of Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices when presented in raw form is an encounter like none other. This and many other revitalizing aspects of the trip are what make the retreat unique especially when the tour guide makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. A true historian, Kelly our GTA Tour Guide for the record was one of the most detailed, thorough, and accurate persons encountered yet. Amazing. And again, inspiring to bear witness to Black Excellence and Representation of one’s country land. This is one to relive again with friends and retreat participants. You’ll experience for yourself as well…when you join us in the near future!

Check out our trip to The Spice Shop:

Written: Kayla Harley, Washington DC, U.S.

Media Content: Makesi Williams Tringlobe Media, Trinidad & Tobago


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