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I learned a new phrase from a friend the other day, Jamerican (Jamaican + American). I was shocked! That’s a thing? Yes. Just like, Yankee Bermudian….that’s me.

Check Out this special story and telling about a Healthy Life w/ Food and Family from Jamerican Chef and Artist, A.Z. on our Beebodi Talk Podcast Episode:

Half Island Girl, but still an American. I’ve spent every summer on the island with my family since I was a young girl but I never did get our cuisine down. My mom was about the waffles, eggs, and bacon life, and I just never saw it for me. It wasn’t until I finally had a say-so about my food while in college that I started to invest in organic eats, a healthier regimen, and lean into my beloved Caribbean roots.

This year I took a leap of faith and seized my opportunity to really learn by hiring a chef. It’s always a plus when you make Godly-Connections and that is what Chef Tiffany was for me Godsend. She happens to be from my home church Evangel Cathedral so I am glad that I was able to be a patronized to a Black/Female Owned Business as she blessed me with the cooking skills I needed. Just the basics: cutting, dough rising, texture, flavor, spice, color, and the kind of love that goes into a single dish. Youtube can’t do that. Nothing beats an in-person experience.

Sweet + Hot Peppers

Here are a few moments, where I learned how to make Coconut Bake on White and Rye Bread with Saltfish.

Chef Tiffany at WORK
Rolling Out Dough after sitting to Rise for 30 Minutes
Green Peppers always have a Fresh Crisp taste to it. BE CAREFUL. These are HOT!!!!

Although it was quite a challenge finding the right International Grocery for the ingredients that we needed for the dish. (settled for Pollock Fish instead of Cod). We managed to make this delicious meal and enjoy it together with a touch of Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus Drink) of which I made the night before. Tiffany is from Guyana so working with her opened my eyes to just how different every island is in culture and in approach to the kitchen. Learn more about her chef services: IG @zite_catering

Buttered an Ready to Enjoy!


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