NO More Body Shaming

 It’s Amazing.

I expect self-inflicted Body-Shaming from the post-partum moms I work with. After all it isn’t easy seeing everyone go on with their lives while adjusting to Motherhood, a little one,  this new body + extended LIFE. Social Media does a great job of informing us but it can also be Terrorizing. Information can be overwhelming when it becomes suggestive. Comments and Feedback can quickly go from admirable and loving to criticism and jealousy. 

This virtual world we live in is something else–it has the ability to speed up time for us and bring us out of reality for entertainment purposes, an escape for some, and a tricky line that we all tow when the virtual begins to feel more REAL than we are. There have even been reports of school ages children falling deep into depression, remission, and identity crises as a result of the overexposure to opinions of others promoted on their computer screen. The wildest part of it all is that those childish antics continue well into adulthood. 

Relieved Traumatic Experiences can shape our outlook on Life and the way we see ourselves completely. I think on this as we prepare to close out the month of June which promotes PSTD Awareness and Vocalization. I envision a Giant Oak Tree, its inner Carvings Smooth and Soft–the rings on the inside of this Tree indicating its years of Wisdom and Existence–the sun shining through the holes and gateways as I sit in front of a Wise Woman (my conscience) speaking to me about the things of my past that have caused we harm, hurt, trouble, regret, sadness, fear, resentment or unforgiveness. 

As of lately–recurring instances of Body-Shaming have brought themselves to light in my life. Lately, I find a sense of disconnect to discord with individuals who don’t share the same body makeup as my own: petite, fit/tone, agile and free. For various reasons, I am sure that have nothing to do with me personally and yet I feel the weight pressure of their glares, comments, gestures or just in projected energy so strongly. It brings me back to High School Senior Year when I was falsely accused of being Anorexic, or in my Dance Career getting comments from critiques saying that my body wasn’t the traditional willowing Swan during my ballet solo performance in New York City, it gives me glimpses of Women in my immediate circle and some whom I don’t even know making comments about my body my lack of curves or fillers that think a “Woman” should have. 


It’s this work. The work on our Spirits and Souls as Women in bodies that are already objectified and shamed that we need to start loving and living in ACCEPTANCE.

Check out this E-Zine including a player for those who experience difficulty with PTSD by LP, Justine Kellee

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