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Sangha Trinidad

Monday February 16th 2021, I took online yoga with Karen Blackman of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

This was a hybrid class with about 7+ people in-studio and 4 of us participants tuning in online. I was excited because it’s been months since last took class with this Sistah. She offers a dynamic class that challenges your body and your will. Karen is not afraid to explore new things with her students and open their thoughts up to new ideas about their Yoga practice. I am always thrilled to support Black Business especially when it comes to Health and Wellness.

This day was special because it marked the FIRST EVER that she was able to hold class on a Carnivale Monday in Trinidad. Usually businesses are completely closed and or shutdown for the day unless it has to do with this Holiday. It is comprised of a Festival, Carnival Parade, Daytime Shows, Nighttime Concerts & Fetes & More. This tradition is an esteemed affair that’s for the whole Family and Community. Now the larger Caribbean community has taken to the unique sounds of Soca a join in on the celebration throughout the year. 

Carnivale is an important part of Trinidad & Tobago’s rich culture and history. Since the shutdown and closure of it’s borders the country like any other has had to turn inward to reassess and take steps to improve their economy. Only work that excludes international trade & commissions, tourism and the like were able to survive. But for many small business and native Trinidadians this meant that without the income from productions, radiant costumes, design and decorum, food and preparation –without Carnivale, Tourism.


Much like the rest of the World, the weight of the Pandemic is beginning to feel HEAVY and the threat of this virus as a National Health Crisis has has swamped Trinidadian people into mental isolation although they are back to work and school in sub-normal capacity.

To alleviate the pain that Trinbagoans feel this year many have turned to focusing on their Health & Wellness Journey instead. Placing extra love and emphasis on their self care by attending Yoga Classes such as Karen’s to boost their self esteem. I am an avid proponent of the notion that the body is the very first environment so through practices of breath work, movement, and postural alignment one can regain the strength they need to with stand the mental/emotional strain of isolation. 

What used to be dubbed as an activity for, Tree Huggers, Yogis, Granola People and Hippies has now revolutionized into a staple for the so many. Health and Wellness awareness initiatives continue to provide effective solutions for remedying the pressure of living in an light speed world; they drastically reduce the number of COVID-19 cases and prevent the greater population from the anxiety and fear that comes with potentially contracting the Coronavirus. With many Americans still in quarantine, working from home and living under strict conditions breathing and stretching for 30 mins just might be a saving grace. 

It could be the one thing they aspire to do that day. A Life Saver. Today, I personally continue to patronize Sangha Yoga Trinidad as a monthly-subscribed member taking virtual classes with Karen, Melanie, Glender, Marina, Haley, Danea, Nathalia, Hari Sant and *Instructor in Training, Nadia.

To learn more, Visit: www.sanghayogatrinidad.com

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