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Summer Fresh E-Zine

The Summer is Here and it’s Tough to Resist Temptation. But it’s not Impossible. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track…

Wellness Retreats, Solo Trips, Group Getaways. “How I pick em.”

About once every 3 months- just about, I grab my passport and head to the Airport. After leaving the performance stage in 2015 due to a rare chronic neurological condition “Trigeminal Neuralgia”, I made it point to slow down, take better care of my body and embrace holistic self-care that would allow me to liveContinue reading “Wellness Retreats, Solo Trips, Group Getaways. “How I pick em.””

Quest Called Triba

Check Out this recent interview with Sam Hebda. “Community” is the coming together of like-minded/hearted individuals in support or for the upliftment of a common cause. Triba is an online community space that uplifts business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals using coaching, network, and workshops engagements in all ranges of industries including but not limited to:Continue reading “Quest Called Triba”

I AM Womanifesto… LAWS of MAAT.

  • I honor virtue
  • I benefit with gratitude
  • I am peaceful
  • I respect the property of others
  • I affirm that all life is sacred
  • I give offerings that are genuine
  • I live in truth
  • I regard all altars with respect
  • I speak with sincerity
  • I consume only my fair share

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