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Holistic Exercise, Breathwork, Mindfulness Coaching, Doula/Maternal Care, & Wellness Podcast

I’ve never seen anyone interact w/my kids in the way that Kayla does. My daughter Karmen loved GYMaginations, it kept her active, attentive and in shape during the Pandemic.”

Tife Wise, Parent

My wellness weekend w/Beebodi was a Breath of Clean Air. I performed many breathing techniques + meditation practices. I eased the tension that was once in my back! I recommend a session w/Bee!

J.C. , Staycation Retreat Attendee

“Since working with Kayla, I notice that I am able to sleep well through the night. I prioritize connection with my body in a whole new way.

Shelly Laster, HR Specialist

Kayla “Naturale’Bee” Harley | Founder of The Beebodi Marketplace

Kayla is an International Wellness Practitioner, Doula, Optimal Breathologist + Certified GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS® Instructor, and Retreat Guide who believes firmly that the body has the power to heal itself with proper Guidance, Tools, Active Listening, and Support. Her private and group sessions are for Everyone – from the Super Athlete to the Everyday Mover, Expectant Mother, and Elder/Senior alike. Kayla has reached over 10K viewers and participants with her work in corporate settings, international festivals, fitness/yoga studios, non-profit organizations, and live streaming. Beebodi is a Virtual Studio – both a transformational wellness platform and a testament to Kayla’s personal journey of healing and recovery from Chronic Pain – having been diagnosed with [TN] Trigeminal Neuralgia.