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Written & Performed by Kayla Harley

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:: Testimonials::

I’ve never seen anyone interact w/my kids in the way that Kayla does. My daughter Karmen loved GYMaginations, it kept her active, attentive and in shape during the Pandemic.”

Tife Wise, Parent

My wellness weekend w/Beebodi was a Breath of Clean Air. I performed many breathing techniques + meditation practices. I eased the tension that was once in my back! I recommend a session w/Bee!

J.C. , Staycation Retreat Attendee

“Beebodi…It’s a feeling–you’ve got to get into it.”

Reginald Jeeda Barrington, Podcast Guest

Beebodi International Wellness Retreats | Join US in Grenada, Dec. 19 – 24, 2022

Kayla “Naturale’Bee” Harley, Founder

Optimal Breathologist + Certified GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS® Instructor

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Kayla is an International Practitioner who believes firmly that the body has the power to heal itself through actively listening and support. The work that she does is ancient, scientific, exploratory, and derives from Shamanic practices of which began from the first peoples, to naturally generate a sense of calm, ease, trust, and connection to the DIVINE from the inner-being, to the outward. Her private sessions, classes + workshops are for all persons: high-performers such as athletes, dancers recreational sports/hobby players, and everyday movers alike – to improve their quality of movement, breath integration, increase joint mobility, prevent injury, improve posture, gait, and strengthen agility of the body overall.

She herself is a testimony of her own healing through these specialized techniques as a Chronic Facial Pain Warrior *Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Kayla has taught in corporate settings, international festivals, and conferences. Her Health/Wellness brand, Beebodi is both a journey of her personal life and a testament to healing and naturopathy as well as a guide to creating a personalized wellness plan and regimen for others.

Contact : naturalebee@gmail.com
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